Hunting for the human bear


Continued from the last post…
The message spread far and wide the next morning. The murderer was going nowhere and he wasn’t done. The inhabitants of the small farmland did not have it in them to face the trauma of having to live in fear. There has never been anything to fear up until now. Now it was a fear of death at the worst possible hands. ‘Who is it? Who is the killer? Will I be next? How will I trust anyone around me now?’ Questions that took them to the brink of insanity itself.

Everyone put in extra security in their homes and police personnel started patrolling the areas at night. The kids were not allowed to go outside and the adults took great care of moving around in groups wherever they go. The detectives put their heads together to solve these heinous crimes and hoped to catch the culprit soon.

“So it is a human then. So why did the victim say it was a bear?” the Inspector questions the board of police and detectives gathered around the meeting table, in pursuit of some pattern in this unpredictable case.
“And how did the scratchmarks end up near the body? And why , why of all the devil, did the murderer leave the next body at my door?”

The questions were aplenty while the answers stagnant. “Well, he might have hallucinated due to blood loss and pain. Couldn’t that be a reason for what the victim said right before he died?”, detective 1 puts in his opinion.

“Yes, that is true. Due to pain and the trauma the boy went through, there is a high chance he could have got it wrong. But then how do we explain the scratchmarks? There was no evidence of animal footprints around the house for a few hundred meters. And definitely not a bear’s. So how did they end up on the porch? Huh?”, the Inspector’s reply, riddled with more questions, meets pin drop silence. No one has an answer to that. And since even the body was torn to shreds, there was nothing they could prove in conclusion to why or how the murderer went about his work.

“Human nails could not have made them. Each scratch is too wide apart for a human and long to have endured the friction on the floor before chipping off”, muses detective 2.

“Thank god they are not as dumb as I thought them to be. This is going to get more interesting, isn’t it?”, the murderer thinks with an inward smile, as he looks around the table and watches these innocent people, trying to fix a problem that was right in their midst.

To be continued…..


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